Consumer Choice Marketing, ACN and the Commercial Real Estate Agent

Commercial Real Estate Energy Sales

Commercial Real Estate Energy Sales

So here is a story of one of my business partners with Consumer Choice Marketing.  I won’t mention his name to maintain his privacy, but he is a commercial real estate/property manager in Pennsylvania.  As a matter of fact, he works in the family business.  His father created the profitable business decades ago and he is on board to help run it as well as take it over when the time comes.

My partner had heard of the energy deregulation business opportunity through a friend who was in ACN.  He like most people are very intrigued with the prospect of  “selling” cheaper electricity and natural gas to residents and businesses, then making a monthly residual from those sales.

My partner’s juices started to flow.  He began to consider getting into the energy deregulation business opportunity and combining it with what he does for a living with his day job of commercial real estate property management.  Why not?  makes good business sense to further monetize what you already are doing.  So he joined ACN to give it a try.  Well the experience was something that you DO NOT want to write home about!

He then went online to do some searching and came across this blog.  He read it for a couple weeks, filled in the box over there to the right and contacted me.

We talked for about an hour about his experience with ACN, the energy deregulation business opportunity and then Consumer Choice Marketing.


Consumer Choice Marketing, ACN and the Commercial Real Estate Agent


He had told me of his commercial experience with ACN and the first commercial deal he sent through them.  He stated that the deal started out right for the commercial customer but then it took an ugly turn.  The rate started to climb on that second or third bill and the customer was not happy to say the least.  The customer was a bit livid and the bill started to climb to a point where it was greater than where he was before all of this even happened.

So my business partner, in order to save his reputation with this customer, helped him to get out of the deal and return to where he was at first.  This was my now business partner’s concern with the energy deregulation business opportunity.

I assured him that Consumer Choice Marketing is geared and committed to the satisfaction of the customer, first and then to the broker.  It only makes sense that when you take care of your customer, the broker will make out very well because everyone involved will be SATISFIED!

I further explained  to him that Consumer Choice Marketing has a better than 97% customer retention rate which is unheard of in the energy industry and makes us the PREMIER company for this opportunity.  Because of all of those things, his reputation would remain and that he would not have any problems on that aspect from us.

I went on to tell him about CCM’s CAP PROGRAM.  CAP stands for Commercial Assitance Program.  This is an entire department within CCM of energy experts who assists us create and close commercial energy sales in a very unique way.



We as the brokers do NOT have to become energy experts, all that we have to do is create and cultivate relationships with the business owners, gather information, send it to the CAP Program and they will close the deal for you.  He could be as involved in the process of the close as much or as little as he wanted.  He very much liked that and wanted to know a bit more.

So what I did was introduce him to my personal CAP Agent.  My CAP Agent and I had done business on several small to med commercial deals I created and the process works very well.

My business partner and CAP agent talked on the phone, emailed and about a week later my business partner got into the business.  And ever since, he has gone wild monetizing his  commercial contacts…car dealerships, funeral homes, office buildings and the like.  now he is collecting his ever growing residuals from the commercial electric and natural gas sales and I collect a 20% overrride from those sales as well, because of my then position in the compensation plan.  It is really nice!

This is just a real life example of the tremendous opportunity the energy deregulation business presents and showcases some of the reasons that Consumer Choice Marketing is the PREMIER company to be your vehicle in the energy deregulation business opportunity because it can fit so many visions of how you want to take advantage of the energy opportunity!

Fill in the box to the right and find out how CCM can do the same for you!




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