Just How Powerful The CCM Compensation Plan Is In Energy Deregulation Business Opportunity


When it comes to the energy deregulation business opportunity you have to be aware of how compensation plans are structured.  It is unique to the energy deregulation business opportunity that the prize that you should be keeping your eyes on is the monthly energy residual income commissions.  Those are the entire point of this opportunity.

Do you understand that?  I ask because many people do not.

It takes a while for  the energy commissions to kick into your wallet, so the other important part of compensation plans for energy deregulation is the bonus structures.  How they have it set up to pay you on certain actions.

Once you get an understanding of both of those aspects, then you have to make a decisions based on both.  Getting an immediate income from bonuses and then, most importantly the energy residual commissions, which are you building blocks for your long term passive income.

When you look and review the Consumer Choice Marketing Compensation Plan, you will find that it exceeds expectations for immediate income as well as passive residual income.

Review the video below and it will outline and show the incomes that are available through the Consumer Choice Marketing Compensation Plan.  You will see that no other compensation plan can hold a candle to it.


Consumer Choice Marketing Compensation Plan

When you understand how the Consumer Choice Marketing Compensation Plan works and can work FOR you ( not against you as some companies plan do), you can see just how special it really is in creating income both immediate and passive residual.  It really is a no brainer in the real sense.

Best ROI for  your time, energy, effort and especially money

Compensation Plan

RD Power and Super Power Play

Coded fast start bonuses

Choice Match Percentages

Immediate income

And MOST IMPORTANTLY the monthly Residual Income comparisons, especially on commercial energy sales.

When you study the Consumer Choice Marketing Compensation Plan, you begin to appreciate just how powerful it is for generating immediate income, as well as the monthly energy residuals.

If you are a builder and want to take advantage of this opportunity, you have come across the company to do just that.  The bonus structure is set up so that you can generate very nice immediate income in a quick fashion.   This helps you fuel your marketing and advertising as well as gives you the income to live with while you and your team build and grow your residual income from energy sales.

As a matter of fact, the Fast Start, Choice Match Percentage and RD Power and Super Power Play bonuses are infinity bonuses unto themselves.  In other words, they are residual income producers, as well as the high and generous energy residual commissions.  It is really a two-fer that cannot be overlooked.

I dare to say that the compensation plan is THE most lucrative comp plan by far !

To learn more about Consumer Choice Marketing and how you can make not only additional income but a real income asset that can serve you for life  by filling out the box to the right and getting some great information and reviews of other companies.


Fill in the box to the right and find out how CCM can change your life!!

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