Consumer Choice Marketing V ACN Energy A Thorough Review

Consumer Choice Marketing v ACN Energy

Consumer Choice Marketing v ACN Energy

So you maybe comparing ACN Energy against Consumer Choice Marketing and wondering what are the differences. That is a legitimate question.

Because for the time, effort, energy and money that you are going to invest, you want the best ROI for your investments. Don’t you agree?


ACN was founded in 1993 and has an experienced leadership team. They are a very old company and operates in 19 countries. Impresive.

Consumer Choice Marketing, also has a very experienced leadership team. Doug Tesky, the Founder and CEO of Consumer Choice Marketing ( CCM for short) is much more than a figure head of the company. He is an energy expert because of his extensive 16+ years in the utilities industry. Mr. Tesky brings a wealth of knowledge as an actual energy broker in 3 countries, Canada, Europe and the United States. This gives him a unique perspective to “have the back” of the energy brokers in the field and to service the customer with the best services and savings.

Bill Hoffman, CMO of Consumer Choice Marketing. The “Million Dollar Man”, we like to call, him also brings a wealth of experience with over 25 years in the direct sales industry with such companies as Excel. There is a lot of wisdom and deregulation experience, that helps our teams grow and grow.

CCM, based in Toledo, Ohio is the “best kept secret” in the industry. CCM was started in 2008, has been profitable and debt free since the beginning. It has all the right ingredients to be the premier company in the Energy Deregulation Business Opportunity.

I would like to say at this time that the business model of both ACN and Consumer Choice Marketing as very similar in that there are other products that are offered besides energy. Like phone, cell phone services, home alarm services and the like. I want to focus on energy because it is the next income producing center by way of energy deregulation.

With that said, I want to talk about the compensation plans of each because that is how you would be getting paid your ROI.

So when you start out the gate with either Consumer Choice Marketing or ACN, how does either work?

Starting out the gate as a ACN broker, you need to get 5 customers in order to begin the advancement through their compensation plan. With ACN US they do not offer commercial energy sales. They focus on residential electricity and gas sales.

ACN pays 50% of the energy costs on residential sales. What does that mean? When you get your bill, it is made up of a couple of parts. About 75% of the bill you get in the mail is the energy supply cost. In other words, the homes usage in mcf or kWh, and the price per mcf or kWh. The other 25% of the bill are taxes and delivery costs from the local utility company. So just for an example, let’s say you have an energy bill that is $100, well the energy cost would be around $75. Therefore, 50% of the energy cost is approximately $37. Let’s call that amount … Amount X.

By the vary nature of what the energy deregulation business, to give a cheaper supply, that energy cost is going to be lower that what it was.

ACN Compensation Plan

When you figure out Amount X, you are paid a percentage of Amount X, depending on the number of customer points get, 1% -10% of Amount X. As you can see in the chart below.

ACN Compensation Plan Personal Commissions

ACN Compensation Plan Personal Commissions

In the fine print of the ACN US Compensation Plan, it says that when an IBO reaches 30 or more customer points, the up lines override commissions are cut in half ONLY on that IBO’s personal customers. Well I’m not too crazy about that because isn’t having your team advance the point of growing a team? Now I know they do make it up in bonuses as they advance, but me personally, I am looking for that long term residual income from energy sales. But let’s move on….

Getting your necessary 5 customer points, according to the chart above you would get 1% of Amount X as your residual income commission. Naturally, as you get more customer points your percentage would climb to 5% then to 10% of Amount X.

ACN Compensation Plan Override Commission

ACN Compensation Plan Override Commission

As you develope a team, from the chart above for Home Energy, because they do not deal with commercial energy sales,

For 7 levels in your team a percentage override is provided to you from 1/4% to 8 percent on your 7th level, depending on the number of personal customer points that you obtain. Now they do have an infinity pay out when you reach the higher levels in the ACN US Compensation Plan, but you have to have built the organization beyond 7 levels in order to get that pay out. That takes a bit of time.

Also, in the fine print it states energy rates are subject to change, which is very true. ACN Compensation Plan reserves the right to cap commissionable billings at $1/therm and 13.5 cents per kWh. IBOs will receive commissions on 50% of the customers actual energy usage, excluding taxes and surcharges. When they say energy usage they mean the energy costs which is the actual usage multiplies by the billing rate per kWh or Mcf. See that is the problem with paying on such a small usage as a residential account compared to a commercial account. The margins are small.

When you study the chart above, and see that when you take the time to grow an organization, the leverage income percentages are pretty low for a while. I know there are other products besides energy that pay residual income and bonuses, but those percentages are still pretty low.

Consumer Choice Marketing Compensation Plan

Starting out with CCM, you need 3 customers in order to be the advance through the compensation plan. If those sales are residential energy sales or electricity or gas, CCM pays $1 per sale per month.

With that said, ACN would beat Consumer Choice Marketing’s residual payout of $1 on each electricity and gas, on residential sales if they are on the high end of a typical household. But it takes SO long to become qualified to even get to that point by the first chart.  You need 50 customer points!

However, it seems that ACN does NOT deal with businesses, small through large, at all for energy.  Well they used to…..NOW they have their partnership with Xoom Energy.

The problem with that is thay when you make a commercial sale through Xoom Energy, you still are governed by the ACN Comp Plan, and 50 points to get your higher commission of the energy cost.  That is NOT the way you want to be paid on commercial energy sales.

CCM pays PROPERLY !   1 Mill or $.001 on commercial electricity usage. So simply, if a commercial enterprise has a monthly usage of electricity of 10,000, 100,000 or 1,000,000 kWh. The residuals would be $10, $100, $1,000 per month respectively.

For gas, we pay $.06 mcf on commercial gas sales. So if the monthly usage is 300, 900 or even 2000 mcf per month. The residual monthly commission would be
$18, $54 or $120 per month.

And best of all, when my down line generates residential or commercial sales, my override is 10% -50% on those sales and bonuses that they make depending on my level in the compensation plan. And those percentages are paid through infinity of the team that I create and continues to grow over time. To me that works out as a better ROI on my investment of time, energy and especially money. And this is on top of the 6 other ways to earn income from the Consumer Choice Marketing Compensation Plan as well as the pay outs, residual and bounty, on the other products that we offer.

It’s not that hard to get a commercial energy sale. Just think of that convenience store that you drive by every day to work or even stop through for morning coffee or the diner or restaurant you go to for Sunday breakfast or the morning coffee. Or that laundry mat that you may drive by or small manufacturing plant where you happen to know the owner or executive secretary. All of those businesses are huge users of electricity and natural gas. They have an interest in lowering ANY costs, including their electricity and gas bills on a monthly basis.

With ACN there is nothing that you could do with them regarding their energy because they are businesses. That is a HUGE missed opportunity for monthly residual income.

With ALL that said, this is why CCM works out as a better ROI on my investment of time, energy and especially money. And this is on top of the 6 other ways to earn income from the Consumer Choice Marketing Compensation Plan, including bonuses.

Their energy foorprint of 28 states, the compensation plan including commercial energy sales and plans to enter Canada and Europe; with Consumer Choice Marketing I can see a better way to build a book of energy sales through my efforts and my teams efforts, that would pay us a very handsome monthly residual income from electricity and natural gas not only residential but commercial as well. Don’t you agree?

Want to discover how you can make residual income for life with Consumer Choice Marketing, fill in the box to the right to really change your life!

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