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5 Linx

5 Linx

You have discovered this post because you are considering 5 Linx as a home business and wanted to do a little research before you joined. That is a good thing. Some people say that there is a lot of hype surrounding the company, but it is a credit to you for doing your research and cutting through the hype. To see if 5 Linx is what you want in a business opportunity.


5LINX was founded in the year 2000 by three gentlemen name Craig Jerabeck, Jason Guck and Jeb Tyler. It is a privately traded company that has a subsidiary called Globalinx which deals with VOIP and other telecommunication services.

Craig Jerabeck has been the president and CEO since 2001. Before his position with 5Linx, Craig was president/CEO and founder of Wireless Enterprises, a franchisor of wireless retail stores. Prior to these entrepreneurial endeavors, he spent two years managing Cellular One and eight years with AT&T in sales and sales management.

Along side Craig Jerabeck is Jason Guck, Vice President of Sales and Jeb Tyler, Executive Vice President of Marketing. These two have extensive backgrounds in both business and direct selling that spans more than 30 years of combined experience.

5 Linx provides their customers a true one-stop shop for all their telecommunications products and services. These services include wireless phones and accessories, satellite television, and Broadband Internet service. In addition to providing communication needs, 5Linx also provides home security, ID guard and now and energy program.

The 5Linx energy program allows consumers the opportunity to get paid on the essential use of energy for homes and businesses. This is a new addition is only available in select markets within NY, PA, OH and TX. They have just launched into Canada. But I am sure that they are going to try and add to that energy footprint, but as lucrative as energy deregulation is, that is a very small territory to do business.

With all this said, now a deep examination of the 5 Linx Compensation Plan is in order, because that is the basis of your interest in 5 Linx as a business opportunity.
In other words, how do you get paid and will you make the best long term residual monthly commissions from electriticity and gas. That is what you want?

Some people say that there is a great deal of hype surrounding 5 Linx because of the bonuses that they offer, cash as well as the car bonuses. Now if that excites you, which is what it is meant to do, then so beit. But if you want to look deeper into the compensation plan and consider exactly how you get paid from their compensation plan, then that might be something that you really want to consider before you join.

Now there are many bonuses with the 5Linx compensation plan, and healthy ones, I might add. But bonuses are not the entire story of the kind of pay that want out of an energy deregulation opportunity. It is true that 5Linx does offer the other services, especially telecom, but the energy deregulation opportunity is the next income center for decades to come. For that reason, you do have to be sure that you are getting your just due for your efforts with the energy deregulation opportunity. Again, it is all about the energy residual income, the monthly energy commissions are the bottom line.


5 Linx Compensation Plan Review


When you look at the 5Linx Compensation Plan, I will say that it is pretty involved. There are tons of bonuses that you can qualify for if you can meet at the qualilfications and requirements that you need to make those bonuses. I know that there may be a lot of people that disagree with me but many times when a company has bonuses, especially large ones, the bet is that most people will not make the requirements that are needed to qualify for the bonus. When that happens, the broker may eventually leave the business, but the customers that he generated to try and meet bonus remain with the company to make that monthly income. Yet, some people do make their requirements and the bonuses.

Getting beyond the bonuses, I like to focus in on the sales of all the services that you and your 5 Linx group would make of the various products, especially energy sales. One thing that I have noticed is that they pay fairly well on the surface to the selling broker on most of the services that are sold. The problem is, that if you develope a team and they make sales down line, those sales are converted into CV points, which in most cases os far below the value of the residual income of the services or products that are sold.

The  5 Linx Compensation Plan has a bonus structure based around the CV points, but you know how that goes.

Focusing specifically on energy sales, I saw something that disturbed me a lot when it comes to 5Linx commercial energy sales. 5Linx pays $20 per $1,000 of a commercial energy bill. That conversion there is not a good thing.

It may seem that getting a “high” multiple of the bill per $1,000 of the bill seems generous, but it is not. Remember, byut he vary nature of selling cheaper energy to a business is to reduce the amount of the bill. So the bill would be lessened, but the usage remains the same as before. This is EXACTLY the reason why you want to be paid on the usage and NOT the bill. That is a more lucrative pay structure when it comes to commercial energy sales.

So let’s follow the pay structure of commercial energy sales with 5Linx, and someone in your down line makes a hefty commercial energy sale, something on the neighborhood of a hospital. Where the usage is over 17,000,000 kWh per year. Where the bill is in the neighborhood of $12,000 per month. So that would be 12 thousand dollar units times $20 would equal $240. But that is not the bad part, that $240 is NOT transfered upline or leveraged upline by a percentage of the commission. It is tranfered into $2 CV points, and that is leveraged upline into 5 Linx the bonus structure.

Consumer Choice Marketing, pays on the usage of the business and NOT the bill. The same sale would generate a selling broker monthly commission of over $1,400 and that would be leveraged upline by a percentage of 10% – 50%, depending on your level in the compensation plan. On the low end, that would be a monthly commission to you of $140. A bit less than what the selling 5 Linx broker would get. I am sure that the selling broker in the 5Linx example would much prefer $1,400 over $240 per month residual income. That is the power of being paid by the usages of the business and not a multiple of the lowered business bill.

Considering all of these things, the bonus structure, the CV point conversions and the pay structure on commercial energy sales; for me that is not enough with 5Linx.
Now you are obviously different than me and the things that I have outlined may be acceptable for you. If so then to each his own and I wish you well.

The things that I have outlined are important when you consider what the energy dereguation business opportunity is and just how much of a financial changer it will prove itself out to be over the next few years.

If you want to know more about Consumer Choice Marketing for the energy deregulation business and how it can truly change your life and finances, then fill in the box to the right and find out more.

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