How To Make Money With The Energy Deregulation Business Opportunity

Energy Residual Income Golden Egg

Energy Residual Income Golden Egg

There is an amazing opportunity happening right now on the horizon. It is the energy deregulation business opportunity. Chances are that you have not heard about just yet, but soon more and more people will.

In 1989 energy was deregulated because a monopoly was discovered and competition was the way to lower the costs of energy to households and residents. This began the transformation of all 50 states to allow consumers to choose the supply of their electricity and natural gas supply and therefore lower their energy costs.

Your electric and natural gas bill is made up of 3 parts, the supply, distribution and taxes. The supply portion of your bill is about 75% of your bill where the other 25% is made up of distribution and taxes. The supply is the only thing that changes, the local utility company still does maintenance and billing. When you are able to lower the supply portion of your bill, you lower your entire energy bill by up to 20%. Energy for a household or a business used to be one of those very fixed monthly expenses that got paid, come rain or shine, no matter what other economic forces were at play in the budget.

Now you have the ability to make money with a home based business in one of the biggest industries in the world. Deregulation of an industry only happens once. We have seen this happen with telecom in 1984 and the airlines in 1979. Both of these events created wealth for those who took advantage of the energy deregulation opportunity.

Deregulation sets off a set of conditions that enables a person to position themselves to get an expanding piece of that industry that was deregulated. Energy deregulation is no different. You can position yourself to get a growing piece of the energy deregulation market in the United States, as more and more states continue to deregulate state-by-state.


I have been in the home based business arena for 19 years and energy deregulation is one of the best home based business concepts that I have seen in the last 20 years. Think of it, electricity and natural gas is ubiquitous. EVERYONE uses it and pays for it because they want it. We need it in our modern daily lives! It is expansive and lucrative. You can choose to do the business on a part-time basis or really set in to leverage this opportunity full-time and create a large book of business of residual income that pays you over and over again.

Very much like an actor and movies, a musician and their Cds. When you do this, you create a passive income asset that pays you whether you continue to do work or not. The energy deregulation business opportunity is the goose that laid the golden egg. This is an opportunity to  MAKE MONEY for the long term.  The trick is finding the right company to align yourself with in order to take full advantage of energy opportunity.

5 Components To Make Money With The Energy Deregulation Business Opportunity



There are many companies out there already with more and more coming online almost every day. Companies like 5Linx, Ampegy, North American Power, Veridian, Xoom Energy, Ignite, Ambit, Independence Alliance and the list goes on and on. When you come across these companies there are certain criteria that you should consider before you join. These criteria are as follows…the actual residual income from energy sales. the energy footprint, the business model, a direct v reseller, and of course the compensation plan.

How To Make Money With The Energy Deregulation Business Opportunity

This matrix of criteria is what one should look at to be sure it fits your needs and expectations of the company that you are about to align yourself with for a home based business to make money in the energy deregulation business opportunity.
It only makes sense, doesn’t it?

In this niche the whole point of this opportunity is residual income from the sale of lower energy costs to residents and businesses. I know that that seems like an obvious statement, but you would be surprised. I have been in the home based business for 19 years and in the energy deregulation niche for over 1 and a half years now. I have researched most of the companies and I was surprised at what I found. I have carefully looked at the compensation plans of these companies

Here You Can See An In-Depth Overview Of Consumer Choice Marketing


If you are not getting actual residual income from the sales that you make, then what is the point? This would be the same as if you joined a vitamin company and made sales each and every month and DID NOT get a commission from those sales. Would you do that business? I think not! Well it is the same in the energy deregulation business opportunity niche.

There are some companies that ACTUALLY DO NOT pay you residual commissions from electricity and natural gas sales. Some of the companies practice a lot of smoke and mirrors when it comes to presenting energy residual commissions in their company. They claim that they do but it does not follow.

With that said, how do you make money?  Make residual money, month after month? Just bonuses? Hummm….

Residual income from energy sales is a UNIQUELY important consideration for this niches, not only if you are building a network and leverage building a team or network, but even those who just want to make energy sales without making a team to leverage income from. Any efforts you put forth, you should want to get the best results or pay from those sales.

Here You Can See How SPECIAL Consumer Choice Marketing Is

The other consideration regarding residual income from energy sales is that you want to get paid on the usage and NOT off the bill. Reason being is that the usage is ALWAYS a larger number than the bill itself. Think about it….a percentage of a very large number is still a very large number. Plus, getting paid off the bill is about getting paid off the energy supply cost which is only PART of the bill. An even smaller number.

Energy footprint or the territory that the company can do business in is another extremely important issue when you are considering the energy deregulation business opportunity. It is important because the more territory, the more your sharp, business minded contacts would fall into the energy footprint.

What if you joined a company, who had a footprint of only 5, 6 or 10 states, yet you had a very good personal contact that you wanted to expose to the opportunity but they were outside of the company’s territory? ANdyou knew that this person would be great for the business, what could you do? What could you do? Nothing! Because your company does not do business in that state. You would want a company that could do business in the most number of states possible.

This brings up the business model of the comapny. Meaning are energy sales the only service that they offer to households and businesses? Don’t get me wrong, energy sales is the growing, lucrative service, but having more to offer allows you to do this…..sponsor team members in states that are not currently energy deregulated but will be tomorrow. I have done it in a couple of states that are not deregulated and they are growing. They understood the potential of energy deregulation and came on board to position themselves when their state begins to energy deregulate.

Here is how Consumer Choice Marketing’s business model looks in real life.  This is the SERVICES SITE where we do the majority of sales, except medium and large commercial or business sales.  That is done through our CAP DEPARTMENT.

This also brings up the difference between a direct seller and a reseller of energy is that a direct seller of energy can only do business that they are capable of doing business in. That gives you a very limited number of states that you can do business in. A reseller on the other hand can create partnerships with different energy suppliers that service different states in the United States. This in turn gives them the largest possible energy footprint in order to do more business in more places. How about an energy footrprint of 28 states across the United States with expansion plans for Canada and Europe.

Furthermore, you really have to understand the compensation plan, even though one company in particular has their CMO telling the viewer that they do NOT need to understand the compensation plan. Well I totally disagree! With some companies when you develope a network they cut you off from the residuals down below, espcially when it comes to business energy sales.

In that situation, some companies turn the selling brokers residual pay into CV points and pay upline from a percentage of the CV points, rather than a percentage of the selling broker’s residual pay. What happens if a team member on your 5th, 12th or 100th level makes a energy sale to a hospital. That is huge energy residuals because there is huge energy consumption. Well that energy commission would be turned into CV points and you would miss out on the real payout of a percentage 10-50%

When you add up ALL these components and compare them to the company that you are considering, you will find that Consumer Choice Marketing is the premier company at making money in the energy deregulation business opportunity.


Fill in the box to the right and find out how you can make money, immediate income and long term residual income for life with Consumer Choice Marketing.


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