North American Power Things You Should Consider Before You Join North American Power

North American Power Compensation Plan Review

North American Power Compensation Plan Review

You have come across this information because you are considering North American Power as a home business. That is a good thing because in business you should do your due diligence and research the business that you are considering. There are some things that you should know about North Americna Power before you join.


North American Power Review

North American Power is a network marketing company that markets electricity something that we all use and need. That is the beauty of the energy deregulation business opportunity; to sell something that people are already buying. You are selling a service that people already pay for but at a cheaper price.

North American Power’s founders are two veterans in the energy business with over 50 years combined energy experience; Mr. Kerry Breitbart and Mr. Carey Turnbull.

Mr Breitbart (CEO) of North American Power, was the prior CEO and largest shareholder of the United Companies, the first person to trade oil derivatives contracts in the world, and at the time of selling the United Companies (2005), was trading a book of business in excess of $750 billion annually.

Mr. Carey Turnbull (Chairman) was the co-founder of Amerex, the largest wholesaler of natural gas and electricity in the United States and the third largest wholesaler globally, for electricity.

In a nutshell, North American Power’s founders know the energy business, they are well entrenched and are both leading experts in the field of trading and brokering energy. When looking to join a network marketing company in the energy field, it is vital that the leaders and founders have the national and global experience required to build a 100% secure business for their representatives.

So that is the basis of the company, but what about the North American Power Compensation Plan? How do you get paid?

North American Power Compensation

Plan Review


Looking at the current compensation plan of North American Power, one good thing is that there is no registration or monthly fees to become an affiliate of North American Power. That is a good thing on the surface. Most people would love to join a business and not have to have an initial investment for that business, not even if that is not the reality of business in general. However, when I looked harder at the compensation, I had to scratch my head!

So once you are in then you have to get 5 personal customers and you get a $5 bonus for each customer. This activates the compensation plan for you. Then or simultaneously, you can then share and recruit other brokers into your network.

When they acquire their 5 personal customers, at $5 bonus each for them also. It is at this time when your direct line generates customer sales is when YOU begin to get a residual income from their sales ranging from 10 cents per month to $1.00 depending upon the usage of their customers.

Now when commercial accounts were acquired on your direct line only, you got a residual of $15 to $120 ( for more than 50,000 kWh) per month depending on the usage. On the next levels it ranges from 50 cents to $10.00 (for more than 50,000 KWh)

I personally could not join North American Power for a couple of reasons.

First, North American Power only does business in 5 states….Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Maryland and Pennsylvania. To me that is limiting and I do not like limitations. I would rather have a very large territory in order to make use of my contacts in other states besides the ones listed above.  Consumer Choice Marketing has an energy territory of 28 States in the United States and we are adding more just as soon as the individual states permit it.  So that number is constantly growing.

Plus, with Consumer Choice Marketing’s business model with other services besides energy, this allows me to create a network in states that are NOT deregulated TODAY, but will be TOMORROW.  Allowing me to set up a network to take advantage of deregulation in the very near future.

Second I would not get residual compensation for my personal sales of energy to residents or businesses. I get a $5 bonus. I have to wait till my direct line and below make sales to begin to get energy residuals which are not that good. Even if I do not have any registration or monthly fees.

When you look at their pay out chart on thier compensation plan, you can simply Google North American Power Compensation Plan to get the PDF.  You will see charts on the payouts.  You will see that these charts are based on your levels of your team.  At the far left you see the highest range of Kwh usage, which is 50,000 or more.



An In-Depth Overview Of Consumer Choice Marketing



On level ONE, your direct level, the payout is $120 which seems good.  According to the chart on your second level at that highest payout of 50,000 kWh you would then get $10.00.  That goes down to level 5, where level 6 is $5 and level 7 through infinity is $5.  This is a far cry from $120 payout on your first level that you have to wait for.

Now check this out,  what if that direct member gets a very large commercial account, like a hospital that uses 17,000,000 Kwh per year OR 1,416,000 kWh per month.  You would only get $120 as compared to Consumer Choice Marketing which would pay you $.001 or 1 mil on that monthly usges….$1,416 per month to YOU!  Which would you prefer?
Also, they have had some issues with their sales force in the field in the past. Hopefully they have cleared this up

Green Energy is a good thing and it is something that definitely needs to be addressed, but there is a company that does deal with energy deregulation of both electricity AND natural gas in 28 states, pays the highest residuals on my personal energy sales striaght out of the gate, offers savings on othe multi-billion dollar industries AND makes available green energy to the United States. That company is  Consumer Choice Marketing

Click through, if you want to look at a head to head comparison of the North American Power Compensation Plan to The Consumer Choice Marketing Compensation Plan


Fill in the box to the right and find out how you can make money, immediate income and long term residual income for life with Consumer Choice Marketing.



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