Consumer Choice Marketing Expands Into Renewable,Green Energy: Solar Energy!

Consumer Choice Marketing Renewable Energy

Consumer Choice Marketing Renewable Energy

As you may know renewable energy is an ever growing industry and is very important to our economy in the future. And with the pent up research and development as Bill Gates has mentioned many times; as well as increasing demand for more energy, green energy will be a very important part in our economy. With that said, Consumer Choice Marketing, CCM for short, is expanding into the renewable energy sector.


Currently we have a pilot program in California, one of our 28 states for energy deregulation that we do business in. This pilot program in California is designed to run our green energy program through it’s paces to make a well oiled process for our nation wide expansion of our solar program. This addition of solar energy will greatly increase the income potentials of all energy brokers with Consumer Choice Marketing.

So not only does CCM have the largest energy footprint for the energy deregulation business opportunity with 28 states. We also have the largest and truest residual income from electricity and gas in the industry as part of our compensation plan. Now we have the great addition of renewable energy to the compensation plan as well.

       Consumer Choice Marketing For Renewable Energy

So how would all this work? Well pretty much the same as it is in our pilot program in California. There will be alterations to make the process even more seamless for our brokers as well as our customers when we go national. And by the way, if you know of residents and businesses in California that are interested in solar energy, now would be a perfect time to get on board with CCM and reap the profits on the green energy installations.

CCM Solar Panels For Homes

CCM Solar Panels For Homes

But simply stated, the broker would find residents and businesses that are interested in generating their own electricity by solar energy installations. The owner would then fill out a Solar Energy Quote Form and the broker would fax this into the company. This form allows CCM and it’s solar energy partners to work up a proposal. Everything from site evaluation, solar quoting, rebates and incentives, installation set-up and financing. This would be presented to the owner and explained by CCM.

Consumer Choice Marketing For Solar Energy

If the owner agrees and gives the go ahead, then the installation would begin. You as the broker would get a one time commission based on the size, location and financing of the project. How easy and profitable is that!

CCM Solar Panels For Businesses

CCM Solar Panels For Businesses

There is also a zero down option that would be available to residents and businesses as well, because many states want to encourage the use of renewable/green/solar energy in their localities. More to come

So here is another reason to consider Consumer Choice Marketing, not only for energy deregulation because of the largest footprint for energy deregulation. the highest and truest residual income payout on electricity and gas, easy qualifications for advancement compared to other companies; now CCM has expanded into renewable energy another profitable niche of the future.



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