ACN Energy| Somethings You Should Know Before You Join ACN Energy

ACN Review

ACN Review


If you’re reading this post, chances are you’re looking for some information on ACN Energy because you are considering joining. In this post, I’ll go into who ACN is as a company, their service, their compensation plan and, most importantly, what it will take for you to truly prosper in a company like ACN. If you are seriously thinking about joining ACN, I would recommend that you read this entire post.


If you are like me, I really like to evaluate a company from the stand point of the affiliate or in this case as an energy broker of ACN. I do this because we would  invest the same amount of time, energy, effort and especially money into what ever energy company we join. The question then is are we getting the best return of investment of our time, energy, effort and money. Don’t you agree?

ACN was founded in 1993 by Greg Provenzano, Robert Stevanovski, Mike Cupisz, and Tony Cupisz. They operate in 19 countries and have over 1,000 employees worldwide. The company itself has a pretty simple product line – low-cost telecommunication service, internet service (DSL, broadband, and dial-up) and other basic wireless services. They have experienced double-digit growth for the past few years, and claim to reap $500m in revenue annually.

ACN has garnered a lot of accomplishments in the last few years which has given them some significant endorsements and featured spots in a number of greatly respected business publications. The list containing the likes of Fortune, INC. 500, Success from Home, USA Today and Direct Selling News. Even Donald Trump publicly endorsed them as a great business opportunity.

So What About ACN Energy

Compensation Plan?

ACN is a well established company and in many countries around the world. That is great for the company, but what about the ACN affiliate or broker. How does he really fair in this multi-national company?

ACN was in energy a few years ago, left and came back to energy in the last year or so, to add to the services that they offer. Which is a pretty good business model. However, when it comes to the ACN Energy Compensation Plan, there are some things that you might not know. ACN pays on residential energy sales by giving you a commission on the first $30 of the customer’s billing revenue is commissionable at the standard rate. For commercial, it’s $120 of the customer’s billing revenue is commissionable at the standard rate.

What is the commissionable rate? Anywhere from 1-10% depending upon your level which is based on the number of customer points that you have. You get to the highest commission when you reach 50 customer points or better. Now this is not such a bad deal when you are dealing with residential sales. Eventually you would be getting 10% of the $30 billable revenue, whcih is $3. However, I would have a personal problem with commercial energy sales.

See in the commercial arena, you are talking about a lot of usage, even at the small business level. The best way for the broker or affiliate is to be paid on the usage of the energy. For electricity it is killowatts and for gas, it is mcf or dth. Being paid on the usage is a much higher commission that by a portion of the money the business is being billed. Here is an exampls….

I recently got a small business energy sale of both electricity and gas. It was for a convenience store, you know the ones that you stop by in the morning for a cup of coffee and a danish. There electricity usage was 18,100 kwh for June, which was a VERY hot month. Their bill before the Consumer Choice Marketing savings was $2,100. I was able to save them $400 on bills like that, so the bill became $1,700.

Going by ACN Energy’s compensation, I would have been paid $12 at the highest commissionable level of 10% of that $120 of their billing revenue. With CCM’s compensation plan, straight out of the gate as the broker, I am paid 1 FULL MILL of that usage, whcih in this example was 18,100 kwh. That means that I would be paid $.001 of 18,100 kwh equals $18 for that month. Can you see the difference?



An In-Depth Overview Of Consumer Choice Marketing



Another issue is the requirements to even get paid when you start out.  You have to have 10 to 20 customers and have recruited 2 affiliates BEFORE you can even get a payout.  This is something that you really have to consider before you join ACN.

Want a comparison between ACN Compensation Plan v Consumer Choice Marketing Compensation Plan

And the discrepancy gets even BIGGER when you are dealing with a larger business and their usage.  If the example above was 181,000 kWh per month, then your monthly commission would be $181 from that ONE energy sale, not 10% of $120 of the bill.  Again can you see the difference?

This is the kind of information that you should know and consider before you join an energy deregualtion business opportunity. I strongly believe that most people are presented with an energy business and are very excited because of the oppotunity energy deregulation presents.

In most cases that excitement of the opportunity, energy, which is an extremely good opportunity, OVERRIDES critical thinking of the business that is being presented to you. Is it the BEST business you can participate in for the energy business opportunity? Is it the best for you as an affiliate in regards to payment to you? All companies have bonuses. The energy deregulation business opportunity is ALL about RESIDUAL INCOME. That is what you build your fortune on!

Here is something important that YOU should KNOW about compensation plans in ENERGY DEREGULATION  that you should watch our for !!

I personally hate having my hands tied, and sorry to say, ACN Energy’s compensation ties my hands, especially on commercial energy sales which can be MOST lucrative! I do not have that problem with CONSUMER CHOICE MARKETING, with it having the highest residual pay structure both residential and commercial.

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