Ignite Stream Energy Review| If You Are Considering Joining Ignite Stream Energy, Then You Should Read This BEFORE You Join!

ignite energyYou probably came across this article because you are looking into Ignite Stream Energy, as an energy deregulation business opportunity. Before you actually join, you want to do a little research so that you can know more about Ignite Stream Energy as a business opportunity and the industry as a whole. That is a very good thing.


Anyone who is interested in a business should do their research before they leap into it. You have to do your due diligence before you invest your time and money.

Plus If you are like me, I really like to evaluate a company from the stand point of the affiliate or in this case as an energy broker of Ignite Stream Energy.  I do this because we would put invest the same amount of time, energy, effort and especially money into what ever energy company we join.  The question then is are we getting the best return of investment of our time, energy, effort and money.  Don’t you agree?

I this post and blog, I am going to give you some information that you really should know about Ignite Stream Energy and the energy deregulation business opportunity. So let’s start with Ignite Stream Energy.

Both are based in Texas and Ignite was created in 2004 and has done very well in the energy deregulation industry. The company did $845 million in sales in 2009, in 2010 they did $902 milllion and projected to increase in 2011 as well. They are on pace to be a billion dollar company in the next few years. They were awarded as the 16th Largest Direct Selling Company in the world by Direct Selling News.

The management team is largely from the former Excel Communications, which dealt with the telecom deregulation opportunity. This team has decades of experience with network marketing. Combine these two elements of network marketing and deregulation, you find a wining management team.

Another relevant point, from a business perspective, that you need to consider is that the company is operating in 4 states at the moment. But as they begin to expand into other states, the affiliate can then go in and network in those states.

Overall, the company looks stable with a solid structure.

Ignite Stream Energy, markets electricity and natural gas to residents and businesses, as any business in the energy deregulation niche. Here I would like to point out how strong the energy deregulation opporunity is.

First, you’re marketing a service that everyone already uses and pays for every month so there’s no need to really sell the service. Second, because there’s no break in service the customer doesn’t have to jump through hoops to get their service switched, which is good for the sales process. Based on the website, customers can save money on their energy bills, which is another plus.

So bottom line is Ignite Stream Energy a scam? Absolutely not. However, having all those things, and even the fact that Ignite isn’t a scam, is not enough for you to succeed the way you should or want. At the end of the day, you want to become a energy affiliate and be able to create a book of energy sales that creates you the best residual income payouts which leads to long term wealth.


An In-Depth Overview of Consumer Choice Marketing


The energy deregulation business opportunity is a great business to get in. I love it and see it for the potential it has, I think you do as well. The energy deregulation business is TRULY the next wealth creator, but as a seller of energy don’t you want the best deal for you as possible. Don’t you? I mean don’t you want the largest residuals as possible? The largest energy footprint in the United States in order to have more of an arena to network in? I mean if you have a contact in a state that Ignite has not opened, what do you do? That leads to the business model...a business model that gives you the opportunity to enter states that are not energy deregulated TODAY, but will be TOMORROW.

Ignite Stream Energy Compensation Plan

In this industry, the energy deregulation business, you SHOULD be looking for the residuals of residential and commercial energy sales. That is what you can build and grow, that is what you count on, that is what sustains long term income, long after the bonuses of recruiting stops.

Think about it!

Even though they have he 3 x10 bonus structure of $1,000, which is immediate income if you meet the qualifications, that does not address your walk away money….energy residuals!

To be nickled and dimed on residuals downline which is ONLY on residential sales, completely missing ANY commercial sales; really is a low ROI deal!

Energy sale commissions which would be your residual income is important and here is why….

If you were marketing vitamins and you made recurring sales each month, would’nt you expect a commission on those sales? What if you were not getting a commission on your monthly sales? Would you accep that? Stay around? I suspect the answer would be NO ! Well in energy deregulation the product is electricity and natural gas.

I assume that you would want commissions on your monthly energy sales, wouldn’t you? Also, the best way to be paid on your enery sales is by usage and not a percentage of the bill!! Well that is exactly what some companies out there are doing. Either giving you pathetic commissions on your energy sales or NONE at all!

You as an affiliate want the best deal for the affiliate, not just the company.

Click Through If You Want A Comaprison of Ignite Stream Energy Compensation Plan to Consumer Choice Marketing Compensation Plan

In addition, Ignite is only marketing in 4 states, whereas Consumer Choice Marketing is doing business in 27 states and very soon Canada.  I think you can see the relevance of that statement on the potential success that you can have in this industry.  If you have a larger arena in order to work in, you have a larger potential of sales of all the services, especially electricity and natural gas, which allows you to use more of your contacts in various states.

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Here is something important that YOU should KNOW about compensation plans in ENERGY DEREGULATION  that you should watch our for !!

Now if these factors are alright for you, then by all means sign up with Ignite Stream Energy! Can you make money with Ignite Stream Energy? YES! Is it the money that you could make based on the things that I mention above? NO!

This is what makes Consumer Choice Marketing UNIQUE !

So if you want a company for energy deregulation that meets the criteria above, to be more financially productive with your efforts then you should take a serious evaluation of Consumer Choice Marketing for the energy deregulation business opportunity.

What you have to understand is that the WHOLE POINT of this opportunity is the energy residuals, the monthly commissions from the residential and business energy sales. Those are the building blocks of your long term residual or passive income that you can design and have the lifestyle that you want from this opportunity. If Consumer Choice Marketing pays higher energy commissions than Ignite, then you have to consider Consumer Choice Marketing as your company for this opportunity.

When you also consider the energy footprint of 33 states to do business in, aggressively growing that territory, the business model of other multi-billion dollar services that everyone uses, the extremely generous compensation plan with an never ending $18,000 bonus that you can get over and over again….and this is on TOP of the highest energy residuals and the stellar energy and direct sales leadership; you have to seriously consider Consumer Choice Marketing.

Fill in the box to the right and find out how you can make money, immediate income and long term residual income for life with Consumer Choice Marketing.

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  1. I stand corrected. Ignite DOES offer natural gas sales! HOWEVER, the argument stands that they do NOT pay well enough or as well as Consumer Choice Marketing……

  2. Normally I don’t learn article on blogs, however I would like to say that this write-up very forced me to check out and do it! Your writing style has been amazed me. Thanks, very nice post.

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